The Rule of Thirds

hen talking to amateur photographers who are new to the hobby, they often tell me while they have no problems finding great subjects to shoot, some of them struggle with transitioning from taking “snapshots” to making photos that are a cut above.  Read More

Sensor Size and the Tamron 150-600 Telephoto Lens

When customers come into the store looking to buy a DSLR camera and we’re educating them about the key differences between their choices, one of the concepts that comes up time and again is how the size of the image sensor affects your field of view. For someone who is just getting into photography, it’s often difficult for them to visualize. Read More

Shoot What You Feel

When I first picked up a camera, it overwhelmed me. The numbers (fstop! shutter speed! ISO?), the dials, the buttons, the light, it went on and on. Gradually it all began to click as I learned and studied and watched others. I was excited to finally understand everything and it began to make sense. Read More

Creative Ways to Use a Reflector With Kids

I love those beautiful, usually circular, apparatuses that help us create light-filled portraits! I’m a huge fan of using a reflector during my family and child sessions, though, it’s not always for the most obvious reason {light}. In fact, I often find myself using mine in different ways. Read More

Macro Tips with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 VC

by Brian T. Evans – I’m getting excited about our upcoming Macro Seminar hosted by Tamron, so I decided to take one of their 90mm macro lenses out for a test drive here in the store.  I’ve always enjoyed macro work, but I’ve recently focused more of my attention … Read More