Say “Infrared Photography” Five Times Real Fast

Digital Infrared Photography suffers from the same problem that afflicts Stereo Photography, Tilt Shift Effect Photography, and Fisheye Photography. These cool effects are striking and seem to transport you into another world. The problem with this is the effect can gets old quick and can bore the viewer. Read More

Weekly Links – July 15, 2015

Some photography-related links that caught our eye in the past week or so including: shooting twisted drinks, digital asset management, PhotoOle, Bridge vs. Lightoom, and a clever photo combination project. Read More

Hooked on Polaroids

A few years ago I wandered over to my local summer carnival in Downtown Lancaster with a Polaroid camera in hand. I snapped a few photos and was immediately sucked in by their beauty. It’s become a tradition for me ever since. I started with a Polaroid Land Camera 104 – super simple, full auto exposure, just focus and shoot! Read More

Creative Ways to Use a Reflector With Kids

I love those beautiful, usually circular, apparatuses that help us create light-filled portraits! I’m a huge fan of using a reflector during my family and child sessions, though, it’s not always for the most obvious reason {light}. In fact, I often find myself using mine in different ways. Read More

6 Things to Photograph at Fairs & Festivals this Fall

Just because summer is drawing its last breath doesn’t mean you have to pack your camera away until the spring thaw. In addition to the upcoming autumn foliage, fall sports, and your annual covered bridge tour (What, you don’t go on one?) there are also target-rich environments for photography popping up in towns across the Northeast almost every week. Read More

Weekly Links – September 17, 2015

Sony Announces Addition of Uncompressed 14-bit RAW Still Image Capture – Sony addresses one of the major ongoing customer ongoing concerns for its new a7S II and will add support with a firmware update for the a7R II. Value in your images – Not a discussion of dollars and cents, … Read More

Weekly Links – May 9, 2016

The Great 24-70mm f/2.8 Shootout – Pitting Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony against one another seems frivolous, but provides some insights into each lens. 6 Reasons You Should Be Printing your Photos – Hey, we may have a dog in this fight, but it doesn’t mean they’re not true.  Numbers … Read More

Artist Q&A with Jane Ammon

Photographer Jane Ammon is currently exhibiting an intensely personal project, “Into the Light” at Coe Gallery. Jane shares the story and images of women in her life and the ways they find light in their lives even when challenged by darkness. We took some time to recently to ask Jane some questions about this project, her sources of inspiration, and her photography. Read More

Recent Customer Work

It’s great to see that our clients are out there making great photos and videos. Here are a few that have recently been posted to our Facebook page.

This image was shot by Gary Edmiston at an MMA fight in Washington DC Using the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 L USM. I love the depth he created by shooting through the fence. Read More

Shooting with the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM

I have always been a wide-angle shooter. I guess that comes a lot from the influence of action sports & music that I’ve always gotten a rush out of that’s made me this way. Even today, as a wedding & engagement photographer, wide-angle = cool. It eats up rooms, creates a sense of space within the scene, and just makes the image look more “Epic.” Read More

First Friday Timelapse – June 2015

We had fantastic weather and a great crowd on First Friday Lancaster for the opening of Sue Moberg’s exhibit, “About” at Coe Camera Gallery.  Many thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to Sue for sharing her amazing artwork with us.  

Perfect Image Downtown is Moving

To help better serve our customers, on June 1, 2017, we’ll be moving our Downtown Lancaster location and combining it with our nearby Fruitville Pike store.  We’ll still be providing all the services you’ve come to expect from our Downtown store including high-quality printing, film processing, and camera sales and … Read More

Macro Tips with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 VC

by Brian T. Evans – I’m getting excited about our upcoming Macro Seminar hosted by Tamron, so I decided to take one of their 90mm macro lenses out for a test drive here in the store.  I’ve always enjoyed macro work, but I’ve recently focused more of my attention … Read More

Places to Shoot – Central Market

Did you know we have the oldest continuously operating farmer’s market in the United States right here in Downtown Lancaster? For more than 275 years, residents of Lancaster have been gathering “at market” to socialize and, of course, buy and sell the uniquely delicious bounty of our County. Central Market is not only a great destination for locals and tourists, but photographers as well. Read More

Weekly Links – June 15, 2015

These are some of the links that caught our eye this past week: A great Sony A7rII introduction from Tony Northup (42mp, backlit sensor, 4k video, phase detection autofocus, and 5-axis sensor stabilization) Women’s World Cup 2015 (BIG photos from the Boston Globe’s photo essay blog, The Big Picture) Canon EOS … Read More

The Best Free Panorama Stitcher You Aren’t Using

With all those fancy cell phone cameras out there seamlessly piecing panoramas together right in their tiny-sensored innards, sometimes it’s easy to forget most of us lowly DSLR users still have to construct our panos together the old-fashioned way. Well, what passes as “old-fashioned” in this ever-changing software landscape anyway. Read More

Lightroom Tip: Auto Advance

Every step you take in Lightroom counts for something. Whether you’re making a subtle adjustment to your exposure, contrast, or making the right crop, all these steps can be the difference between a good or a great photo. There’s something all these actions in Lightroom have in common, they take time. Read More

Shoot What You Feel

When I first picked up a camera, it overwhelmed me. The numbers (fstop! shutter speed! ISO?), the dials, the buttons, the light, it went on and on. Gradually it all began to click as I learned and studied and watched others. I was excited to finally understand everything and it began to make sense. Read More

Melissa Hess’ Lancaster Moves: Behind the Scenes

We’re really excited about the new photographic exhibit opening in our Coe Camera Gallery tonight.  Not just because the show features a really compelling set of images, but also because Melissa is a  native and working pro photographer right here in Lancaster.  We’re always pleased when we can showcase the … Read More

Christian Kieffer’s Warbird Pinup Girls Exhibit Opens

This past Friday we were excited to open Christian Kieffer’s Warbird Pinup Girls exhibit at our Coe Camera Gallery! Christian was on hand to answer questions about his work along with his business partner and beautiful wife Gili, as well as Kelly, one of the models he uses in his work. Read More

Sensor Size and the Tamron 150-600 Telephoto Lens

When customers come into the store looking to buy a DSLR camera and we’re educating them about the key differences between their choices, one of the concepts that comes up time and again is how the size of the image sensor affects your field of view. For someone who is just getting into photography, it’s often difficult for them to visualize. Read More

Places to Shoot – Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve

For Lancaster County photographers interested in floral photography there’s a must-see little spot along the Susquehanna. If you can find your way to it, Shenk’s Ferry Wildflower Preserve provides an easy hike that boast over 70 species of blooming wildflowers on either side of the path throughout the year. Read More

Weekly Photography Links – May 11th

Our staff loves to read about photography on the interwebs. Whether we’re looking for inspirational shots, new tips and tricks, or the latest news on gear, we can’t get enough. Seriously, we have an honest-to-goodness problem. Read More

The Rule of Thirds

hen talking to amateur photographers who are new to the hobby, they often tell me while they have no problems finding great subjects to shoot, some of them struggle with transitioning from taking “snapshots” to making photos that are a cut above.  Read More


DPI, PPI, ABC, BVD, Run DMC. We sure do love our TLAs don’t we? For the uninitiated, TLA stands for Three Letter Acronym. I would like to clear up some confusion between two of my most used TLAs, DPI and PPI. Many photographers use them interchangeably, but they have two distinct definitions. Read More

How to Conduct an Amazing Family Session

Photographing families can be a bit overwhelming at times. Dealing with multiple personalities and many opinions is not always the easiest for one photographer to handle. Over the past few years I’ve discovered some ways to make this undertaking easier. Read More

Shooting with the Sony A7 MK II

I’ve been shooting with Canon DSLRs ever since my first Rebel more than a decade ago (the venerable XT and its beefy 8 megapixels.)  I don’t consider myself much of a brand evangelist, which is to say I don’t try to get caught up in the spirited debates that pros … Read More

Missing That Film Feeling

by Taylor Brown It’s been several months since I picked up a film camera which for me is a bit unusual. I shoot dozens and dozens of rolls a year, but after the wedding season ended in the fall I found myself forgetting about my film camera. One recent Sunday … Read More