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Your story matters

Photo, Slide, & Negative Scanning + Video Transfer

Your story is too important to let it fade away. Let us help preserve those memories and digitize your history! We transfer a wide variety of analog media from old VHS tapes, 8mm movies, 35mm slides, printed photos, film negatives, audio tapes, and more. All done right here in Lancaster, PA. Feel confident your memories are safe and handled with care by our skilled photo team!  We care for your originals with the utmost care and respect and they will be returned to you with your digitized files.

Photo Scanning

Everyone has a box of old photos or albums stored somewhere around the house, but what if they all disappeared tomorrow? A big chunk of your history would simply fade away. Ensure your memories are safe and let us bring those old photos to life!

Using high quality scanning technology paired with our expert editing techs, we take your old photographs and safely digitize them so they can last for generations to come!

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Slide & Negative Scanning

With a custom slide scanning machine and dedicated professional film scanner, we archive just about any slide or negative into a digital format. Whether you want to preserve your own family history, artwork, or just some cool old stuff from the past, we’ll bring your analog images to life!

Movie Film & Video Transfers

Nothing beats reliving home movies! Whether on 8/16mm movie film or VHS/VHS-C/Hi8/Digital8/MiniDV tapes, or even old vinyl records and audio tapes, we can digitize them all! Enjoy those memories in motion (or sound) for years to come in a modern digital format.

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Restoration | Archiving

Photo Restoration

Nothing is worse than finding a priceless photo ruined. We breathe new life into your damaged photos with our custom restoration services! This can include faded, cracked, torn or missing pieces, mold or water damage. Let us bring them back to their original beauty!

Our expert techs handle your original piece with care and you just watch the magic unfold!

Digitize Artwork

You don’t have to wait decades to archive the good stuff! If you’re a working artist looking to archive your work or reproduce it for sale, you’ll want to check out our art reproduction services to keep your legacy alive!

Beyond our standard digitizing service, we also offer a match proof service where you can have fine art (giclée) prints made of your original work. Got really big pieces? Don’t worry, we can handle those too!

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