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Terms & Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about our services, pricing or terms. As photographers and photo enthusiasts, we care about our customers and look forward to providing exceptional service to you each and every time!

  1. All repairs that are found to have extreme physical damage, and require excessive parts may be re-estimated. Your approval is required prior to processing the new estimate.
  2. If your camera is still experiencing problems within 180 days of the date your unit shipped from Perfect Image, you may return it to us for another repair per our warranty guidelines.
  3. Units re-submitted for repair with abuse or physical damage will not be eligible for the Perfect Image Redo Warranty.
  4. Online service requests are valid for 30 days from the creation date. If your product is not received for service within this time, the service request may be cancelled.
  5. Parts that have been replaced will not be returned with your unit.
  6. A printed online receipt is required to be submitted with your camera.
  7. Perfect Image is not responsible for digital images within your camera or film replacement.
  8. Although we make every effort to preserve these images, we cannot guarantee their preservation.