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Custom Framing

At Perfect Image, we not only offer professional photo and art printing, we also specialize in custom framing to preserve your favorite images for a lifetime. Stop by to see our framing samples and get a free quote to have your best photos or artwork framed by our expert team!

Make it meaningful

Elevate your home, work space, or business with a beautiful, handcrafted custom frame. Bring in any piece of art, photo, diploma, or material item and we’ll turn it into a masterpiece you’ll cherish forever.

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What makes a great photo even better? A stunning mat to surround a photo or print before finishing it off with a beautiful frame! Whether your piece needs that added pop of color, texture, or perhaps you have an odd sized piece that you want to fit into a standard size frame, that’s where custom cut mats come in! Let our team help you find the right mat for your piece.

Stand Out With


Whether you’re prepping images for a photo ledge, displaying signs at a wedding, or simply want to hang some artwork or photos without a frame, consider mounting. This is a great way to keep images rigid so they don’t bend over time or while on display. It’s also a great idea to mount large prints before being framing so they don’t wrinkle. We offer two mounting options: Art board and foam core.

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Digitize Artwork

Art Reproduction

Wait, before you frame that gorgeous original piece of artwork you created, let us help you digitize it! Getting a digital file of your work is beneficial for documenting your own art history, updating your website or social media, and for selling prints.

We offer a match proof service where you can have fine art (or giclée) prints made of your original work. Do you have really big pieces? Don’t worry, we can handle those too!

Custom Framing FAQs

What are the benefits of custom framing?

The most common reasons to invest in a custom frame is the desire to preserve a photo, original piece of artwork, degree, award, and more for long term enjoyment. Custom frames ensure that the piece is protected from UV damage, dust, fingerprints, warping, and other environmental or time-related deterioration. We specialize in archival preservation so you can feel confident your piece will last for decades!

Custom framing vs. store bought frames – what’s the difference?

Custom framing allows you to preserve your photo, original piece of artwork, degree, award, and more in a truly unique way with a combination of colors and textures from frames and mats. We strictly use archival, protective glass to prevent against UV damage, dust, fingerprints, warping, and other environmental or time-related deterioration along with proper backing. Store bought frames rarely have quality, protective glass and don’t preserve your piece for years, decades, or generations.

How long does custom framing take?

Custom framing orders vary from project to project, but usually take 10 business days to complete. Talk with one of our framing techs today to truly customize an heirloom piece you’ll treasure for years to come!