Photo Restoration

At Perfect Image, we provide photo retouching and photo restoration services that will bring your aged and damaged photos back to life. Starting with an original photo, no matter what the condition, our photo retouching service can breathe new life into old images and restore even the most damaged photos.

We know how priceless these images are to you. That’s why your originals are handled in house. They are never mailed or shipped out.

Restoration | Photo Restoration

Work that speaks for itself

Don’t take our word for it. See some of our favorite before and afters restorations we’ve worked on over the years. Sometimes it’s hard to look at a damaged photos and envision what it could be. These amazing examples will shed some light on the magic of photo restoration!

Digital Retouching

Looking to retouch a more recent digital photo? We can do that too! Whether you want to remove minor blemishes, whiten teeth, remove glare from glasses, swap faces, or remove people from a photo, we got you covered!

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Photo Restoration/Retouching Pricing


– Minor blemishes (per face)

– Teeth whitening (per face)

– Glasses glare – per pair (not through eyes)

– Add text

– Add vignette

– Sepia toning
LIGHT RESTORATION – Restoration with minor damage outside of major areas including:

– Small cracks/scratches

– Minor missing pieces or stains

– Minor dust spots

– Glasses glare through one eye

* Scan included up to oversize scan (11×17)
MEDIUM RESTORATION – Restoration of one major area including:

– Cracks/scrathes

– Dust spots throughout image

– Color restoration of an intact color image

– Add or delete one person

– Damage text up to two lines of text

* Scan included up to oversize scan (11×17)
EXTENSIVE RESTORATION – Restoration of two major areas including:


– Heavily damaged image with up to 2 major areas of repair

– Change background

– Colorization where no color is present

– Add or delete up to two people

– Cracks/dust/texture pattern/mold throughout image

– Up to 5 lines of text

* Scan included up to oversize scan (11×17)
EXTREME RESTORATION – Restoration of any of the following:

– Heavily damaged image with more than 3 major areas of repair

– Colorization where no color is present or add color to a black and white photo

– Add or delete more than 3 people

– Extreme cracks/dust/texture pattern/mold throughout

– Whole document of text

* Scan included up to oversize scan (11×17)

Major areas repair are faces, hands, text and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to your photo.