Our Instructors

Here at Perfect Image, we love photography. Not just as a business, but on an individual basis as well. Each one of our staff members listed below has been involved in photography either professionally or personally for as long as they can remember. Whether you’re just getting started, or need a little expertise in an area where you’re stuck, we’re here to help!

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Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown is a wedding and portrait photographer who has been working in the photography and camera industry since 2007.

About Taylor

“Personally, I shoot both film and digital. I typically photograph people and occasionally a dog or two.   I also shoot weddings and assist a local wedding photographer – Katy Trefry, who has been in the business for several decades. Shooting weddings has given me the skills to shoot under many lighting situations and to think quickly as the day never goes exactly to plan. I get to shoot everything from details to portraits and even landscapes. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

– Taylor Brown   www.northernpinephotographic.com

Topics Taylor Teaches

  • Learning how to see creatively
  • Composition
  • Understanding your digital camera
  • Film camera photography
  • Portrait and wedding photography

Joel Wiebner

Joel Wiebner is a wedding and portrait photographer who has been involved in professional photography and imaging since 1997.

About Joel

“First and foremost, I like making things and sharing them with people. I like to think I am a painter expressing myself with a camera and print. I have been a professional photographer for most of the 21st Century. I even did a few paying jobs in the days of film. I like shooting all kinds of cameras, but I would not consider myself to be a gear head. It’s not the stuff for me, but the process that starts with an idea and ends with a thing.

I am familiar with all kinds of cameras from film to digital. If you need help learning how to operate your shiny new digital capture machine I can help with that. If you found a dusty bakelite treasure in a box of amazing things and you really want to make images with it, I can help with that. I know about flash and the sun. I can talk at length about taking pictures of people and stuff. Photoshop is not a mystery to me. I have been using the software since version 3 in 1994. I love the art in photography, but I can also talk about the science. You just tell me what you want to talk about.

– Joel Wiebner   www.thewiebners.com

Topics Joel Teaches

  • Learning how to see creatively
  • Posing and composition
  • Understanding your digital camera or film camera
  • Photo software: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software
  • Using off-camera flash
  • Portrait and wedding photography
  • Color managed workflow
  • Dungeons & Dragons

Lynn Garwood

When Lynn inherited a film camera with a stable of lenses in the late 70’s, her interest in photography began. It became her passion when working at Knitter’s Magazine with their staff photographer and learning Photoshop from their guru. She’s continued her education through many workshops as well as attending Maine Media College. Her Lightroom experience began as a beta-tester for the first version of Lightroom and has continued ever since.

Topics Lynn Teaches

  • Understanding your digital camera
  • DSLR basics
  • Lightroom & Photoshop

Rick Titus

In addition to a long career in the photography industry, Rick has run his own photography business, Titus Touch Photography for more than two decades. As a former teacher of the arts, Rick has a love for people and instruction.

Topics Rick Teaches

  • Learning how to see creatively
  • Posing & Composition
  • Understanding your digital or film camera
  • Portrait and wedding photography