Our Instructors

Here at Perfect Image, we love photography. Not just as a business, but on an individual basis as well. Each one of our staff members listed below has been involved in photography either professionally or personally for as long as they can remember. Whether you’re just getting started, or need a little expertise in an area where you’re stuck, we’re here to help!

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Taylor Brown is a wedding and portrait photographer who has been working in the camera industry since 2007.

About Taylor

“From the big moments to the everyday little moments, I find myself with a camera in hand constantly archiving my fading memories. I began working for Coe Camera Shop in Downtown Lancaster in 2007. Since then, I’ve been showing people how to use their cameras, match them up with the perfect lens or snag that gear accessory to take them to the next level. I’ve shot a little bit of everything from 35mm film and medium format to DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras. I enjoy sharing the photography knowledge I’ve picked up over the past decade from college classes to shooting for local professional wedding photographers.”

Classes Taught Through Perfect Image:

  • Intro to Digital Photography Part 1
  • Intro to Digital Photography Part 2


Anne Brye has a fine art background in photography. She’s earned two photography degrees: a Bachelor of Fine Art from Tyler School of Art, (Temple University) and a Master of Fine Art from Arizona State University.  She’s taught many different types of photography classes over the years ranging from small community workshops to advanced college courses. Her expertise is wide ranging and includes darkroom/film based work, digital photography and even video. For Anne, teaching and sharing her skills with others is a lifelong passion.

Classes Taught Through Perfect Image:

  • Intro to Adobe Photoshop


Lynn’s interest in photography began in the late 1970s when she inherited a film camera and a bunch of lenses. It became her passion while working at Knitter’s Magazine with their staff photographer and learning Photoshop from their guru. Over the years, she’s continued her education at Maine Media College and through many workshops as well. Her Lightroom experience began as a beta-tester for the first version of Lightroom and has continued ever since.

Classes Taught Through Perfect Image:

  • Lightroom Part 1: Foundations
  • Lightroom Part 2: Develop Module