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Creative Ways To Use A Reflector With Kids

By Jane Ammon –

123 | Creative Ways To Use A Reflector With Kids
I love those beautiful, usually circular, apparatuses that help us create light-filled portraits! I’m a huge fan of using a reflector during my family and child sessions, though, it’s not always for the most obvious reason {light}. In fact, I often find myself using mine in different ways.

Here’s some fun ways you can use a reflector to improve your family sessions.

1. Circle spot!

Seriously, when kids get to the point where sitting on the ground in the spot you’ve asked them to sit in is beyond their childlike mental capacity because they are overwhelmed, overtired or over excited…plop that reflector on the ground and tell them it’s the magic spot and they can’t leave the circle until you say so! (and mean it!)

2. Shade!

Sometimes a reflector is the perfect tool to shade kids…especially if they insist on sitting in the full sun and refuse to move!

3. Wind!

It’s fun to create movement in a child’s hair for a portrait and having Mom or Dad blow wind on them using the reflector helps keep the child interested and even, at times, cooled off!

124 | Creative Ways To Use A Reflector With Kids
4. Frisbee!

No, seriously, when kids are big giant bundles of over excited energy, use that small reflector as a Frisbee and have them chase it all over to burn off that energy!

5. Distraction!

Need to photograph Mom and Dad together, yet the kids won’t leave them alone? Show the kids how to fold up your reflector once…and then ask them to try to do it themselves. Yes, it’s probably going to keep them busy for awhile!

So, what are your creative ways to use reflectors with kids? Do you have any I haven’t listed? We’d love to hear them!