Sony Lens Calibration Services

Autofocus Problems with Your Sony Camera or Lens?

Is your Sony camera or lens gear autofocusing as accurately as it used to? Are your photos crisp, or do you have to try and compensate for it in photo editing software? Maybe you bought an expensive lens (no matter the brand) for your Sony camera, but are not impressed by its focus accuracy. Or, maybe your Sony lens doesn’t seem to be calibrated with another brand of camera body (such as Canon or Nikon).

Rather than spending lots of money on new gear, it’s likely that your Sony camera and lenses simply need to be professionally calibrated.

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Sony Camera Sensor Cleaning Service

Are Dark Spots or Marks on Your Photos?

If so, your Sony DSLR or mirrorless camera most likely has dirt, dust, or debris on its CMOS or CCD imaging sensor. That typically happens over time, but it’s still incredibly frustrating. Rather than relying on the hassle of post-production Photoshop editing (or hoping that the client just doesn’t notice the spots), wouldn’t it be nice to simply take photos without blemishes to begin with?

In most cases, a professional sensor cleaning for your Sony camera will eliminate the problems causing the spots, saving you countless hours removing them by hand with your post-processing software.

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Why Do I Have Blurry Photos?

There could be many reasons for this, but here’s something you might not have thought about: Cameras and lenses are typically not manufactured with identical specifications. Because of the endless pairings you can have between different camera bodies and lenses, Sony doesn’t test all possible combinations. Plus, you may be using a different lens brand (such as Sigma, Tamron, Zeiss, Nikon, Canon, Irix, Samyang, Meike, etc) with your Sony camera body.

Surprisingly, we’ve even seen new, high-end DSLR cameras/lenses that aren’t calibrated out of the box.

And even if they were originally calibrated, because of all the moving parts inside of your camera and lenses, perfectly calibrated camera equipment can fall out of alignment over time.

What’s the solution?

What's the Solution?

Camera Lens Calibration Service for Sony Lenses & Cameras

Camera and lens calibration, or Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA), is a procedure that corrects for front-focusing or back-focusing errors. You need to calibrate each of your camera bodies with each lens you have. That can be tedious and confusing. We can do it for you!

Whether you’re looking to bring back the sharpness of your existing equipment or calibrate a new Sony camera/lens pairing, our experienced camera technicians will use the latest tools and technology to make sure that your camera and lens sits in perfect alignment. We can calibrate:

  • Sony Lens with Sony Camera Body
  • Other Brand of Lens with Sony Camera Body
  • Sony Lens with Other Brand of Camera Body (ex. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sigma, or Olympus camera body – see full list)

You’ll get speedy shipping options (or, if you live in Central Pennsylvania, drop it off at our store),

  • Fast turnaround times. We calibrate Sony lenses within 48 hours of receiving your equipment (for most orders). We want you to have your gear back quickly… you can rely on us to make that happen.
  • Experienced & dependable. Check out our reviews.
  • USA Nationwide Service Based in the US. Servicing the continental USA (not AK & HI).
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How Does it Work?

Step 1: Order and Send Camera Gear

Step 1.

Order & Send Gear to Us

It’s easy. Click here to get started. We’ll give you simple shipping instructions later. We service the entire continental USA (not AK & HI).

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Step 2: We Calibrate Your Cameras and Lenses

Step 2.

We Calibrate
Your Gear

Our Professional Sony Lens Calibration Service Includes:

✓ Calibration of 1 (or more) lens to 1 (or more) camera body
✓ External cleaning of calibrated lens
✓ Basic inspection of camera and lens

Step 3: Photography Gear Returned to You

Step 3.

Calibrated Gear Returned Within 48 hours*

*Within 48 hours of receipt of your equipment. Some orders may require additional time.
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Sony Autofocus Calibration Services

What Sony Camera Models Can Perfect Image Calibrate?

All auto-focus lenses can be calibrated if the camera body has AF Micro Adjustment (AutoFocus Microadjustment) capabilities. Specifically, we can calibrate these Sony camera models:

  • A900
  • A850
  • SLT-A77
  • SLT-A77 II
  • SLT-A99
  • SLT-A99 II

Note: Most entry-level Sony camera models do not have the micro-focus adjustment feature as an option, so they cannot be calibrated using this type of service.

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Should I Have My Sony Camera’s Sensor Professionally Cleaned?

Don’t risk damaging your Sony’s sensor.

Unfortunately, Sony sensor cleanings aren’t easy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Making just one slightly wrong move when working inside of your camera could damage the shutter or scratch the low-pass filter, likely meaning an expensive camera repair. Unless you’re experienced, we don’t recommend cleaning your Sony’s sensor on your own.

Where can I get my Sony camera’s sensor cleaned?

USA Nationwide Service Sensor cleaning is available for entire USA (except AK & HI) from our independent sensor cleaning company based in Pennsylvania, Perfect Image Camera.

Why Us?

  • Our highly-skilled technicians have performed thousands of professional sensor cleanings for cameras.
  • Check out our reviews. Our decades of experience as a full-service camera repair company gives you the peace of mind that we are providing you with safe top-quality service for your DSLR or mirrorless camera.
  • And best of all, we provide incredibly-fast turnaround service for online orders (we’ll have your Sony camera cleaned and shipped out within 1 business day of receiving it) and 24-hour turnaround service for walk-in customers of our PA store.

Our goal is to get you back to taking spotless photos (the kind you expect from professional camera equipment), as quickly as possible!

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Sony Sensor Cleaning Service

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Order and Send Camera Gear

Step 1.

Order & Send It To Us

It’s easy. Click here to get started. We’ll give you simple shipping instructions later. We service the entire continental USA (not AK & HI).

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Step 2: 6-Point Sensor Cleaning

Step 2.

We Do 5-Point Sensor Cleaning

✓ Complete external camera and lens cleaning (1 attached lens included)
✓ Mirror and mirror box cleaning
✓ Sensor cleaning
✓ Auto focus check
✓ Proper exposure check

Step 3: Photography Gear Returned to You

Step 3.

Cleaned Gear Quickly Returned to You

We will have it cleaned and shipped out within 1 business day of receiving it. Guaranteed next business day service for walk-ins at our PA store.

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