An infra-red camera conversion can give an ordinary DSLR camera the ability to capture even more powerful images. And thanks to years of experience and advanced camera repair training, our technicians can convert your camera to capture infra-red wavelengths and produce incredible, dramatic shots.

If you’re interested in black and white photography an infra-red conversion will give your photos stunning balance, amazing detail and a unique, desirable patina. By blocking certain wavelengths of light a well-done conversion will allow your camera to capture amazing images.

For color enthusiasts an infra-red conversion will allow you to capture nuances of light and tone that will set your shots apart from the crowd. With the help of color balancing in post production, color photos shot on an infra-red converted camera will give you a truly unique look.

In order to convert your camera for infra-red shooting we’ll need your camera body and an accompanying lens. Thanks to convenient local drop-off or inexpensive UPS delivery, we can provide IR conversions no matter where you’re located.

Let us help you convert your camera to capture dramatic infra-red shots! If you have any questions about infra-red camera conversions, please contact us today. We’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.