Choose the Right Archive Kit for Your Needs

Archive-Boxes2BATCH | 6 Units | $150
6 VHS Tapes or 300 Photos or 600 feet of 8mm film or mix & match units

BUNDLE | 12 Units | $300
12 VHS Tapes or 600 Photos or 1200 feet of 8mm film or mix & match units

CABOODLE | 20 Units | $500
20 VHS Tapes or 300 Photos or 600 feet of 8mm film or mix & match units

VHS Transfers 8mm transfers Color Slide Scanning

How It Works

 Fill an Archive Kit With Your Memories

  1. Visit any of our locations pick up an Archive Kit that’s the right fit for your needs.
  2. Fill it with the appropriate amount of units of VHS tapes, photos, 8mm movies, or a mix and match of any media you want to convert.
  3. Drop it off at any of our locations.
  4. In 10-12 business days, get back your original media with your newly digitized files!


What You Get Back

We return your original media along with DVDs with digital files (photos, scans), playable DVDs (8mm, VHS, or MiniDV Tapes), CDs (Records or cassette tapes), or optional thumbdrive (purchased separately) with all digital files.

What Types of Formats Do We Convert?


VHS, VHS-C, Hi 8, 8mm, Digital 8, miniDV, HDV, DVCPRO, DVCAM, Beta, plus more

8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm

35mm slides, photos, film negatives

Vinyl LP records, 8-tracks, magnetic reel-to-reel tape, audio cassette, mini micro audio cassette

Digitally Preserve Your Home Movies and Photos

Don't lose your treasured memories to decay. Let us help you enjoy them for generations to come!

Visit us today to pick up an Archive Kit