What Do We Buy?

We are interested in digital cameras and lenses in good working order, speedlights, film cameras and brand-name film lenses.  The categories below will help clarify what type of equipment we generally do and do not buy.


Directions to our Fruitville Pike Location


Camera Equipment Perfect Image Will Buy

  • Digital SLR or Mirrorless Cameras
  • Digital SLR or Mirrorless Lenses
  • On-Camera Flashes/Speedlights
  • Medium Format Film Cameras
  • 35mm Film SLRs and Name Brand Film Lenses (Examples of cameras we would be interested in: Canon AE-1/A-1, Minolta SRT101/X-700, Nikon F100/FE/FM/N80, Pentax K-1000/MEsuper etc.)

Camera Equipment Perfect Image Does Not Buy

  • Videotape Camcorders
  • Camera Bags
  • Darkroom Equipment
  • Large Format Cameras
  • Filters
  • Lighting/Studio Equipment
  • Tripods

How The Buying Process Works

Canon-A-E1We buy and sell our used equipment at our Fruitville Pike location in Lancaster, PA.


  1. Drop off the equipment you’re looking to sell at our Lancaster store location.
  2. We’ll check in your gear and get your contact information.
  3. We will inspect your gear and prepare our offer. This takes 3 business days to complete and will not be done on the spot.
  4. We will contact you by email with an offer which you can decide to accept or decline.
  5. After you contact us to accept or decline we will either cut you a check or have your equipment ready for pickup.

Please note: we do not give estimates for equipment over the phone or by email. To receive a purchase estimate, gear must be checked in through the process listed above.

Directions to our Fruitville Pike Location


Benefits of Selling Your Used Camera Equipment to Perfect Image

Immediate Payment

When you sell your used camera equipment to us, we will cut you a check for all of your equipment at once.  You won’t have the hassle of trying to sell each piece individually and worry about whether each transaction will go smoothly.

Sales To Perfect Image Are Final

When you sell to us, you’ll never have to worry about the purchaser of your equipment contacting you post-sale about issues with your gear.

All In One Convenience

By selling us your camera equipment, you won’t have to worry about who you’re dealing with, whether the monetary transactions will go through, or paying for costly shipping and insurance for online sales.

Other Things You Should Know

We are buying your camera gear with the intent to re-sell it.  This means we pay wholesale prices for used equipment, not retail.  We are up front with all of our customers that you will most likely get a better price for sales to private buyers. When you sell wholesale to us you are doing so to take advantage of benefits listed above.  If you’re looking to maximize the money you are getting for your gear you should be looking at a private sale.

Please make sure to bring all batteries, chargers, and essential accessories with you when you’re looking for a quote.  The inclusion of these items will maximize the amount we can offer you.

Make sure to bring a driver’s license or government issued photo ID.  We are required to record a copy of your ID for all purchase or trade-ins of used equipment.

We do not give price estimates over the phone.  There are many variables that go into what we can offer for your gear and unfortunately, we must be able to inspect the gear in person to account for all of those variables before we can give you a quote or estimate.