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Studio Backdrop Kit

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The Photoflex First Studio BackDrop Support Kit includes a telescopic backdrop Pole, two 9 foot LiteStands, and a rugged carry bag to hold the whole kit. Shoot with confidence with this strong, stable outfit.

Wide leg base on the litestands provides a very sturdy backdrop setup. Thick tubing provides exceptional strength and durability.

The BackDrop Pole is a single-unit with telescoping sections that expands and contracts easily. The Pole stores collapsed at 4 feet 7 inches. The Pole extends to 12 and a half feet. Fits readily and securely over the posts of the LiteStands.

BackDrop Pole receives our BackDrops easily and securely.

10×12 white, 10×12 black and 10×12 gray backdrops are included in the studio background kit.