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Lustre & Glossy Prints

If you’re looking for high quality prints at an affordable price, lustre or glossy prints are a great place to start! You can’t go wrong with either option depending on your personal preference or the type of image you’re printing. Both paper options are long time classics and paired with our archival printing processes, you’ll be sure to love the quality of these prints!

Adobestock 191572833A | Lustre And Glossy

Paper Details


Our Fuji Crystal Archive Lustre prints have a brilliant bright white paper base with a semi-gloss finish. This paper combined with our traditional silver halide wet lab printing process produces beautiful prints meant to last. Our professional grade paper will bring true to life colors and is a fan favorite among both photographers and non-photographers alike. Great for snapshots and large frame worthy prints on the wall. Most portraits (think school and wedding photos) are printed on a lustre paper. You can be sure your prints will last for years to come!


Our Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy prints have a brilliant bright white paper base with a high shine glossy finish. This paper combined with our traditional silver halide wet lab printing process produces beautiful prints meant to last. Our professional grade paper will make your images pop with fine detail and sharpness. However, glossy prints need to be handled with care as they show fingerprints easily. They can be hard to see when on display as they often reflect light off their shiny surface. Place these prints in an album with plastic sleeves or frame with museum quality glass to avoid extra reflection. You can be sure these prints will last for years to come!

NOTE: Prints larger than 12×18 inches are printed on our high quality inkjet printer with eleven pigment-based inks.

Which Paper Should I Choose?

It really comes down to personal preference, but here’s a few characteristics to consider:

Most professional photos (think school or wedding photos) are printed on lustre paper. This paper shows more accurate skin tones and is resistant to fingerprints and scratches. It also does well behind glass as it’s less reflective than glossy paper.

Glossy prints are very shiny and colors appear more vibrant. Photos also look a bit sharper since the surface is smooth.

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Adobestock 209919043 | Lustre And Glossy

Prints From Film

Shooting film? Don’t forget to add prints! Choose from lustre or glossy in a classic 4×6 print. We offer with or without a white border too. Shot a bunch of photos of family or friends? Opt for doubles and share the print love!

Lustre and Glossy Pricing

SizeLustre/GlossyDeep MatteOne Hour
8 Die-cut Wallets$ 3.89$4.49$5.29
48 Die-cut Wallet Special$ 18.99$21.99N/A
4″ x 4″ Pro Prints$ 0.69$0.99$1.19
4″ x 5″ Basic Prints$ 0.29N/AN/A
4″ x 5″ Pro Prints$ 0.39$0.99$0.59
4″ x 6″ Basic Prints$ 0.29N/AN/A
4″ x 6″ Pro Prints$ 0.39$0.99$0.59
4″ x 6″ Index Print$ 0.99N/AN/A
4″ x 8″ Pro Prints$ 0.89N/AN/A
4″ x 10″ Pro Prints$ 1.49N/AN/A
4″ x 12″ Pro Prints$ 1.99N/AN/A
5″ x 5″ Pro Prints$ 1.99$2.49$2.29
5″ x 7″ Pro Prints$ 2.49$3.19$3.69
6″ x 6″ Pro Prints$ 2.69N/AN/A
6″ x 8″ Pro Prints$ 2.89$3.49N/A
6″ x 9″ Pro Prints$ 2.99N/AN/A
8″ x 8″ Pro Prints$ 3.49$4.49$4.49
8″ x 10″ Pro Prints$ 3.79$5.49$4.99
8″ x 12″ Pro Prints$ 3.89$5.99$5.29
8.5″ x 11″ Pro Prints$ 3.99$5.99N/A
10″ x 10″ Pro Prints$ 4.49$6.69N/A
10″ x 20″ Pro Prints$ 10.99N/AN/A
11″ x 14″ Pro Prints$ 7.99$13.49$11.99
12″ x 12″ Pro Prints$ 8.99N/AN/A
12″ x 18″ Pro Prints$ 12.99$19.99$19.49
16″ x 16″ Pro Prints$ 19.99N/AN/A
16″ x 20″ Pro Prints$ 22.99N/AN/A
16″ x 24″ Pro Prints$ 26.99N/AN/A
18″ x 24″ Pro Prints$ 29.99N/AN/A
20″ x 20″ Pro Prints$ 28.99N/AN/A
20″ x 24″ Pro Prints$ 32.99N/AN/A
20″ x 30″ Pro Prints$ 39.99N/AN/A
22″ x 28″ Pro Prints$ 39.99N/AN/A
24″ x 24″ Pro Prints$ 38.99N/AN/A
24″ x 30″ Pro Prints$ 44.99N/AN/A
24″ x 36″ Pro Prints$ 54.99N/AN/A
30″ x 30″ Pro Prints$ 59.99N/AN/A
30″ x 40″ Pro Prints$ 69.99N/AN/A
36″ x 36″ Pro Prints$ 74.99N/AN/A
40″ x 40″ Pro Prints$ 99.99N/AN/A
40″ x 60″ Pro Prints$ 139.99N/AN/A

Lustre & Glossy Print FAQs

What’s the best resolution for a canvas print?

Canvas gallery wraps are a great option in nearly every décor setting. They’re simple and ready to hang on the wall – no frame needed. As a rule, the image resolution should be no less than 72 pixels per inch at the size you want it printed. For example, if you’re looking for a 16”x20” you’d need at least 760 x 610px. Of course a larger file is always preferred, but the beauty of canvas is that its texture hides some of the flaws that come with a lower resolution file.

Don’t worry, our amazing team knows just what to look for to ensure your canvas will look its best. We adjust for brightness, contrast, and sharpness before printing. We’ll even check for low resolution and contact you with alternative options.

Why should I print my photos on canvas?

Canvas offers a high-quality, unique, and affordable alternative to traditional prints. Because the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, the piece is given a “3-D” effect, as the print doesn’t end at the borders. Many people find this vibrant effect appealing, and our museum quality 1.5″ backers ensure that wrinkling or compression does not occur.

Why print my canvas with Perfect Image?

We’re here for the quality! Each image is checked for brightness, contrast, and sharpness before printing. Unlike many of our competitors, our photos are printed on a 9.50 mil thick photo canvas with a UV cured ink to make it extremely durable & scratch resistant. They’re then stretched & wrapped around 1.5″ deep stretcher bars and finished with a black paper backing, hanging hardware, and corner bumpers so it’s ready to hang on the wall. Everything is done in house – even our wood bars are cut locally here in Lancaster, PA so we can create very custom sizes to fit your specific needs.