by Taylor Brown

It’s been several months since I picked up a film camera which for me is a bit unusual. I shoot dozens and dozens of rolls a year, but after the wedding season ended in the fall I found myself forgetting about my film camera. One recent Sunday afternoon, I was meeting a friend in Downtown Lancaster to talk about the upcoming season. It wasn’t a far walk and it was an unusually nice day so I picked up my Leica M6, a roll of Fuji 400 and headed out the door.

I wasn’t sure if I’d shoot the whole roll, but after a few shots all the good film feels came flooding back!

There’s just something about completely being in the moment while photographing. With film, you’re not constantly looking at the back of your screen to see if you got the shot. I find myself much more present – waiting for that perfect moment and feeling confident I got what I set out for.

After firing off the last few shots as the sun set, I couldn’t wait to send my film in to be processed. Luckily, here at Perfect Image, we blend beauty of analog with the convenience of digital. So I dropped off my roll of film and within a few days, I received a gallery of my film images.

For just some simple snapshots of Downtown Lancaster, and a couple of my favorite four legged friend, I was thrilled with the results.