JayFleming_Aug_Poster“Life at the Bay”

Documenting the diversity of life & habitat in the Chesapeake Bay & the way of life that depends on it.


Jay Fleming


Exhibit Dates

Friday, August 7 – Through the end of August

Gallery Location & Hours

Coe Gallery
220 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA   17601

Mon-Fri 10 am – 6 pm
Sat – 10 am-2 pm

Extended hours on First Fridays 10am-9pm


Artist Statement

“My mission with these photographs is to document the diversity of life/habitat in he Chesapeake bay and the way of life that depends on the resources of the bay. I am working on documenting the seafood industry in Maryland and Virginia to document the current state of the different fisheries in the Chesapeake bay and the people who depend on the fisheries for their livelihood.”  – Jay Fleming

Artist Bio

It would seem that Jay had discovered his passion of photography upon inheriting his father’s film Nikon n90s, at the young age of fourteen. Jay immediately developed an affinity to looking at life through the lens of his camera and what ensued was an exciting photographic journey that would eventually lead him to his career as professional photographer.

 Though beginning under the tutelage of his father, former National Geographic photographer, Kevin Fleming, Jay quickly and naturally developed a photographic style and identity all his own. Through experimentation, an incredible amount of patience & preparation, and countless hours spent researching potential photo opportunities, Jay began to capture such awe-inspiring photos as his pair of underwater Yellowstone Cutthroat trout, the last house on Holland Island reflecting in the rippling water just before it collapsed, and a fleet of wooden Skipjacks against an ominous grey sky.   Read more of Jay’s Bio on his website >