ErinWaters_SEPT_Poster“Water and Wonder: Vintage Photographs Collected and Curated by Erin Waters”

A nostalgic end of summer collection to elicit smiles and wonderment.  Enjoy this collection of vintage photos presented in a variety of display formats which highlight the amazing historic details of the original work which revolves around aquatic themes.


Erin Waters

Exhibit Dates

Friday, September 4 – Through the end of September

Additional Events

Tuesday, September 15 – Discovering the Secrets of Your Vintage Photos

Do you have older or possibly antique photos tucked away in shoeboxes or deep in your closets?  Join us at Coe Gallery for this FREE event as photo collector and dealer Erin Waters discusses the wide array of styles and types of prints you might have hiding in your family albums.

Armed with samples of many kinds of of vintage photographs, Erin will explain many of their unique origin stories! In addition, she will also get you started on the path of dating photographs yourself to aid in genealogical research. Feel free to bring in your own photos to share!

Register online for the FREE event

Gallery Location & Hours

Coe Camera Gallery
220 North Prince Street
Lancaster, PA   17601

Mon-Fri 10 am – 6 pm

Extended hours on First Fridays 10am-9pm

Artist Bio

Erin Waters is a full-time photography dealer based in Lancaster, PA. She loves all sorts of vintage images, from daguerreotypes to snapshots. She works in the business with her father Dennis, an expert in daguerrreotypes and her brother Casey, a daguerreotypist and restorationist. Waters has collected photographs since she was eight years old.

Waters has a degree in Russian Studies from Hamilton College. Her honors thesis,Cataloguing Empire: Photographic Typologies in Late Imperial Russia (1839-1917), explored the work of William Carrick and Sergei Prokudin-Gorski in conjunction with the history of photography and ideas of empire in Russia. She was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Russia, where she conducted an oral history and photography project with older Russian women. Waters has a Master of Arts in Museum Studies from New York University. Her masters thesis, Art and the Other: Collecting the Vernacular and the New Photo History, is both an historical overview of vernacular photography’s place in art museums as well as an investigation into the views of collectors, curators, and dealers. She has spoken on daguerreotypes and interior photography at conferences

Waters sells at shows around the country as well as on eBay, Etsy, and her family’s website. You can visit her locally at her space in warehouse C at Building Character in Downtown Lancaster.