Cross processing your film is a fun way to experiment and achieve artistic, creative results. Also known as “x-pro,” cross processing is the intentional use of the wrong kind of chemical when processing your film.

According to, the two most popular kinds of film cross processing are:

  • Processing color negative film with color slide chemicals
  • Processing color slide film with color negative chemicals

Processing negative film in slide chemicals usually results in artistic, “lo-fi” images with subtle shifts of color and slightly grainy textures.  Different brands of film and different emulsions will present different levels of contrast, color shifts and subtle or dramatic visuals.

Processing slide film in negative chemicals results in a wide array of results. From very high contrast to dramatic shifts of color and intensity, every type of film and emulsion will generate different results.

Although it’s an experiment, you are guaranteed to create unique and dramatic images as a result of film cross processing.  And because every photo processing shop uses different chemicals and a different process, no two results are ever the same. Our expert technicians are photographers and visual artists at heart, so we look forward to trying this technique on your next set of shots to see what develops.

Let us help you create a bold, vibrant work of art with cross processing! If you have any questions about film cross processing, please contact us today. We’ll do our best to help you in any way we can.